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    As a small business owner, I always did my own bookkeeping for my company, B1 Communications. I knew that my bookkeeping skills were bare minimum and wouldn’t stand up against a CRA audit, but I continued for 7 years to save money.

    Fast forward to November 2018. We were behind on tax payments, our books were several months behind and I was exhausted. So finally I waved the proverbial ‘white flag’ and decided to hire a professional bookkeeper. Cost was a huge consideration, but we knew that we needed someone who understands small business, and Canadian tax law. 

    We spoke with several bookkeeping firms, both local and offshore and came across Centrosome Inc and thier Bookkeeping service. During our initial call, Kevin spent an hour going over bookkeeping strategies and insights. He was clearly passionate, knowledgeable and understood entrepreneurship. After speaking with 4 different bookkeeping providers, hiring Centrosome was a no-brainer decision.

    Since working with Centrosome I’ve come to lean on Kevin and the Centrosome team as trusted advisors for all things financial; Accounting and Tax Strategies. The small cost for bookkeeping is easily recovered by my focus on sales and the tax saving strategies provided.

    I highly recommend any entrepreneur trying to do everything - Stop. Give Centrosome a call and focus on areas of your business that really need your attention.

    IT Services Ottawa ON

    - Michael Wormald

    Director of Sales, B1 Communications

  • IT Services Ottawa ON

    Kevin and his team have been keeping the books for my real estate investments for the last couple of years. Having investments all over the US, remote bookkeeping services is an asset to my organization. Kevin and his team also help with financial analysis of some of my deals to ensure they meet the goals we have established together.

    - Rachelle Lalonde
  • IT Services Ottawa ON

    I’ve been working with Kevin and Centrosome Inc. for over 15 years. His operational experience has always been a valued asset to my businesses. Solving complex business problems and looking for opportunities is one of Kevin’s specialties and I always look forward to getting his assistance.

    - Andy L.

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