Tax Preparation Services

With changes to tax laws occurring frequently, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest changes. Let our tax preparation professionals take care of this for you. We are registered with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) as a registered tax e-filer.

To discuss your situation or to learn more about our services and how we can help, please schedule a consultation here or call us at 343-883-9170.

Personal Tax Preparation

Preparation for anything is the key to success. This applies to filing your individual and family taxes as well. In order to make your appointment as efficient as possible, it also means the you should bring as much information as you can, that pertains to your financial status to Centrosome Inc.

Once we have all this information, we can move forward with calculating what credits and deductions you deserve. After that we will file your tax return electronically.

Below is a checklist of documents you should bring with you to our office for our meeting. You may also click here to download the 2018 personal tax organizer and checklist.

  • Income Receipts along with any other documentation pertaining to income
  • All T4 slips (Employment income)
  • Employment insurance benefits (T4E)
  • Interest, dividends, mutual funds (T3, T5)
  • Tuition / education receipts (T2202A)
  • Universal Child Care Benefit (RC62)
  • Old Age Security and CPP benefits (T4A-OAS, T4AP)
  • Other pensions and annuities (T4A)
  • Social assistance payments (T5007)
  • Workers’ compensation benefits (T5007)
  • Receipts
  • Expenses
  • Tool expenses (Trades persons)
  • Medical expenses
  • Transit pass receipts
  • Child care expenses
  • Adoption expenses
  • Moving expenses
  • Children’s arts and sports programs
  • Carrying charges and interest expenses
  • Office – in-home expenses
  • Exams for professional certification
  • Professional or union dues
  • RRSP contribution slip
  • Liabilities
  • Support for a child, spouse or common-law partner
  • Interest paid on student loans
  • Donations
  • Political contributions
  • Charitable donations
  • Additional documentation
  • Notice of Assessment/Reassessment
  • Canada Revenue Agency correspondence
  • Sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds or real estate
  • Northern residents deductions
  • Rental income and expense records
  • Business, farm, or fishing income/expenses
  • Automobile / Travel logbook and expenses
  • Disability Tax Credit Certificate
  • Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200)
  • Volunteer Firefighters certification

Business Tax Preparation

If you are looking to have your annual T2 taxes prepared for your provincial or federally incorporated business, we would be happy to help. Please Contact Us today so that we may better understand your needs and get your business taxes taken care of.

We also prepare GST/HST remittances, payroll source deductions remittances and annual payroll summary reporting for our clients. Please Contact Us today.