Eight Questions To Ask A Bookkeeping And Accounting Company

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If you’re looking for a small business bookkeeping and accounting company based in Ottawa, Ontario, for accounting services, tax preparation, or financial management, it’s important to pick a reliable firm with high standards. After all, the end product will be a direct reflection of your business! Therefore, it’s essential to choose professionals who understand your needs and can add value to your business through their services.

On the other hand, if you’ve never worked with a bookkeeper before, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right one for your firm’s needs. To make the whole process easier for you, we’ve outlined eight valuable questions to ask a bookkeeping and accounting company.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to help you understand if this company is the right fit for you, and capable of adding value to your business.

1. What is the scope of the bookkeeping work? What services do you offer and what is the frequency at which you deliver work?

Understand the extent of the bookkeeping services you will receive, so you don’t have to put in added efforts. Also, ask about the services they provide and how often they will interact with you and what their delivery frequency will be like. That way you know what to expect, and none of your work will be delayed.

2. What is your level of expertise? Do you have any certifications?

Make a note of the years of experience and level of expertise your professional bookkeeping firm has. Ask them about their education and if they have any certifications to back up their claims.

3. How familiar are you with my industry?

If a bookkeeping firm is familiar with your industry, handling your accounts, bookkeeping, and taxes will be a piece of cake for them, which means faster services and error-free work for you.

4. How do you communicate with your clients?

Open communication is essential for the smooth flow of work. At the same time, knowing if your bookkeeper can come to you when you need them will tell you if they are capable of providing you with the necessary convenience you require.

5. How does your firm protect client data and information?

Ask your accounting experts about the privacy policy they follow when it comes to your firm’s data. Find out how they ensure your data is kept safe and what they do with your financial details once you shift to a different service provider.

6. What online tools and software do you use to help manage our accounting records?

Knowing what kind of online tools and software your bookkeeping firm uses, will tell you about their experience with new accounting technology and how efficient they are at work.

7. How do you price your services? Do you do hourly or flat rate engagements?

Make sure you know how your specialists will charge you for their services. With this information, you can plan just how much work you want them to do, and when you want them to do it. Prices vary based on the scope of work and every client is different, so make sure you provide as much detail about the work you are looking to have done so they can provide the most accurate rate.

8. What other services do you provide?

Check if they are a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs or just a bookkeeping agency. As a full-service accounting company, they should be able to give you appropriate financial planning strategies and solutions to the current financial struggles you are facing.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you also need to find out if your accounting experts can help you identify the specific services your business needs. At Centrosome Inc., our team works with you to identify what will work most effectively for your business during our first free consultation. We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses using the latest tools and software to handle your finances. We also possess and maintain current certifications and partner status with many of the major cloud-based accounting software providers. This enables us to make workflows better and help you work on your business instead of on your accounts.

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